How to Use Customer Reviews in Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media has changed the face of marketing in recent years, and accessible online customer reviews have changed the voice of many brands. How can you harness these changes for the benefit of your own brand?

“As we scale as a company, reviews help us get more of this content out to other teams faster. We are pulled in so many different directions in customer marketing, often with pretty small but mighty teams. Finding new ways to get lift in your programs and drive advocacy at a higher velocity is huge.”

~ Julie Perino | Senior Director of Customer Marketing| Marketo

Social media is all about engagement. Including your customer’s voice in your social media marketing campaigns is almost sure to create more engagement as your target audience sees more meat and less fluff. At the heart of this effort are customer reviews.

The Importance of Using Customer Reviews in Your Marketing Efforts

Research from TrustRadius makes it abundantly clear that using customer reviews as a core element of marketing is sure to resound with your target audience. For example, one TrustRadius report found that 75% of users used reviews to find new products, and almost the same percentage used reviews to evaluate them.

Another TrustRadius study found that user reviews are the second most common information source used by B2B buyers. The reason is clear: people see reviews as inherently less biased than branded content or sales language.

“It’s one thing for us to serve up a reference or a case study, but buyers intuitively know that those are all coming from specific satisfied customers, versus the wisdom of their collective peers.”     ~ Julie Perino


Using Customer Reviews in Social Media Marketing

If you want to get the most out of your customer reviews for social media marketing, you’ll need a planned approach. Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

#1: Bank on Social Media Reviews

Some social media platforms have the ability for customers to leave honest feedback of any given company right on the platform. Take advantage of this feature! Encourage your customers to leave a review on your social media pages/profiles . It’s a simple but potentially powerful first step.


#2: Convert Customer Reviews Into Engaging Content

Customer reviews themselves are not the end goal – incorporating your customer’s voice into your brand is. You can create engaging image posts with quotes from your customers, double down on elements your customers highlight, and even try out video testimonials.


#3: Be Proactive & Responsive

 There are two prongs to this. Being proactive means engaging in social listening. This is a type of social media monitoring that helps you understand how your brand is being talked about and how to leverage this conversation into your social media marketing campaign. Being responsive means taking the time to respond to both positive and negative reviews. Like I said before, social media is all about engagement.


#4: Get the Right Tools for Combining Customer Reviews and Social Media Strategy

Being strategic in this process means having the right tools in your arsenal. Thankfully, there are a host of social media tools designed for professional marketers and novices alike. Sprout Social, for example, lets users publish, monitor and analyze social media campaigns, creating better engagement in the process. Take time to assess these tools and figure out which will work best for you.

Guest blogger:  Brooklin Nash

Brooklin Nash writes about the latest tools and small business trends for TrustRadius. When he’s not writing, you can find him reading YA dystopian fiction (with guilty pleasure) and cooking.

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