Millennials, The Upbeat Generation

Millennials,  also named generation Y , are the generation born between 1982 and sometime in the early 2000′s .They are the  youngest generation in today’s workforce.Getting to know their traits and values is essencial to attract thei talent to your company


Millennials are the new engine of our society and  have  great potential,   which  will require of  new managerial  skills to bringing out the best of them.

Millennials traits and values

  • Upbeat and receptive to new ideas and ways of living.
  • Lifestyle centered. Millennials are willing to be paid less if they can work for a company which values are aligned with their own.
  • Self-expressive, confident  and liberal.
  •  Success driven  and goal oriented.
  • Digital natives.
  • They favor recommendations from peers or friends.
  • Actively engaged in consuming and influencing.
  • Assume a norm of two-way conversations with organizational leaders, rather than passive reception of corporate messaging.
  • They don’t want task-based jobs. They want values-based missions
  • They care about getting their ideas adopted,  trusting their co-workers, and  believing in organizational culture.
  • Millennials actively look for transparency inside organisations.

In this animated video you will find some tips on how to encourage them to work in your teams  and how you could learn and get impregnated from  their optimism.

Take  this quiz to find out how Millennial you are !


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